IDS house alarms from 240 €

for a house up to 55sqm

Home alarms from 240 €

IDS house alarms

Aegis Systems experts recommend wired IDS alarms for the security of your space.

The complete IDS home alarm includes the following materials:
1x Central unit of 8 clean zones,1x LED Keyboard, 1x motion detector, 4x magnetic contacts, 1x Internal siren, 1x External siren,2x Batteries (unit + siren) transformer and canister for the unit.

Price of materials package
240 € + VAT

without installation

The price refers to the materials included in the proposed IDS alarm package. The package is ideal for covering a house up to 50sqm.

Ask us about the installation in your space

by Aegis Systems

The installation includes the work, the programming and the demonstration of the operation of the security system. Provide security in your space with the guarantee of Aegis Systems.

Gift 6 months connection
in a Signal Reception Center

in an annual contract

With each installation of a new security system, we give you a gift for 6 months at the Signal Reception Center

Ask for your own offer by Aegis Systems

The IDS alarm includes:

Central unit

IDS 805 alarm panel with 8 clean zones, with canister and transformer


Keypad with illuminated control keys

Motion detector

Digital indoor detector

Outdoor siren

Outdoor siren with flash

Internal siren

Internal siren


Capacity Battery (7AH)

Siren battery

Capacity Siren Battery (1.3AH)

Magnetic contacts

Magnetic contacts (traps) with a strong magnet

Excellent protection against lightning, surges

Ability to communicate with a Signal Reception Center

A mobile application as well as a controller can be added

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