Ajax StarterBasic wireless alarm

Ajax StarterKit is designed to effectively protect homes as well as business premises from intrusion. It consists of the smart Ajax Hub control panel, the MotionProtect motion detector, the DoorProtect contact and the SpaceControl.

Price: 335 + VAT

with installation

System installation, programming and training are included.

Signal Reception Center

6 months gift

With each installation of a new security system, we give you a gift for 6 months at the Signal Reception Center. 

The wireless alarm includes:

Ajax Hub unit

The brain of the Ajax alarm system

Ajax MotionProtect

PIR motion detector with pet avoidance function

Ajax DoorProtect

Magnetic door and window detector

Remote control with panic button

Arming – Disarming the alarm as well as the panic button

Helps protect against intrusions through doors and windows

Sends notification to the owner's smartphone and to the KLS via GSM and Ethernet

Sends notification to the owner's smartphone and to the Signal Receiver Centre via GSM and Ethernet

Ajax Hub unit

  • It can work with up to 100 wireless peripherals at the same time.
  • The system can support up to 50 users and connect to a signal reception center for monitoring via Contact ID protocol.
  • Uses GSM or Ethernet to send alarms to the CLS and the owner
  • Sends notification in case of power failure and operates for up to 15 hours with the backup battery
  • Checks the functionality of the detectors at least every 12 seconds

Ajax MotionProtect Detector

  • It operates at a distance from the HUB up to 1,700 meters in the open field or in the space of different floors of a business.
  • Detects movement up to 12 meters away.
  • Ignores pets weighing up to 20 kg and height up to 50 cm
  • Detects motion with great accuracy in extreme conditions, even at a temperature of + 40 ° С

Ajax DoorProtect magnetic detector

With their compact size, high quality detection and wireless communication, Ajax DoorProtect detectors can protect doors and windows on various home and office floors

  • It has a terminal for connecting wired magnetic contact
  • Includes a small magnet for mounting in narrow frames and frames

Ajax SpaceControl remote control

With rolling code technology and signal authentication, Ajax SpaceControl operates up to 1,300 meters from the Ajax Hub outdoors.

  • By pressing the panic button the device sends a signal to the users and to the Signal Reception Center
  • With one push, the device activates full or partial arming of a space
  • The system status is displayed with lights
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